Admissions consultingWhether you want periodic help on specific parts of your application or you need full application cycle support and coaching, we can help. Our admissions consulting services cover all aspects of the application process and are conveniently available as a package through our membership program or may be purchased individually.

Our approach to counseling services is a little different than other admissions consultants. We provide training materials via our secure membership site and combine that with small group and individual application coaching on a daily basis.

You deserve a high return on investment and our pricing is intended to provide that. Our services are considerably less expensive than our admissions consultant colleagues who charge hourly rates of $200-275 and have comprehensive application packages for a single school that cost in excess of $3700. We do not charge you for applying to more than one school.

Private admissions coaching – comprehensive package

Imagine knowing your application would pass the admissions committee review before you ever submit it.  Imagine working hand in hand with the admissions director or dean to develop your essays, make your CV or resume perfect for the school, and knowing that when the admissions interview came around, you will be ready.

Our private admissions coaching for masters or PhD applications is a partnership that helps you make high impact applications that position your qualifications in the best possible way for the schools and programs you are applying to.  The process is in-depth and includes career coaching and discovery as the beginning to determine what kind of degree and school options would be suitable for you.  The comprehensive package is truly comprehensive and offers support on up to eight applications to programs in the United States. It includes all of the following services:
          1. Initial consultation
          2. Career planning goals session
          3. Identify what degree programs are right for you
          4. CV / Resume rewrite
          5. Transcript analysis and positioning
          6. Reference selection and coaching strategy
          7. Standardized test positioning
          8. Identify possible schools
          9. School / program analysis
          10. Establish application timeline
          11. Essay / Statement of Purpose development
          12. Admissions interview preparation (including recorded mock interview)
          13. Email and telephone communications review
          14. Post admit support
This is the most personal and tailored support available.  The package price for up to eight applications is $1,500 and there are options to add additional applications beyond that.

Admissions consulting membership program

Other consulting companies cater to your needs by charging you for each and every application you create with their services.  Our membership model is great for people that want support, but do not need that level of hand-holding for each application.  You will have exclusive access to on-demand training that provides you background and strategy development for each application credential. We then work with small groups via application coaching calls and provide person to person counseling. There are many group sessions each week and individual call slots are available daily.

Participants in the membership program are called “Insiders” and choose from two membership types: monthly and charter.

Admissions Insiders

“Admissions Insiders” receive many services including video recorded mock interview and analysis, weekly private conference calls, full access to live online training events, access to member only video presentations and the “questions to ask admission” section. Compare membership plans.

Charter Insiders

“Charter Insiders” receive four hours of personal coaching via Skype, access to the session recordings for your future reference, as well as all Admissions Insider benefits: video recorded mock interview and analysis, weekly private conference calls, full access to live online training events, access to member only video presentations and the “questions to ask admission” section.  Compare membership plans.


Essay planning and coaching

Create unique essays that admissions directors will love and that clearly show you want admitted.  Using our “4 Degrees of Detail” framework, we will work closely to ensure your essays say all the things you need to say in addition to answering the question.  We will plan important themes ahead of time and review your drafts to make sure you are on the right track.

Imagine planning to submit 4-6 applications that each require between 1-3 essays.  Some school essays ask specific questions, other schools will be more general and open ended.  Now imagine the different deadlines for each university and you have a real mess to manage.

It can be really tempting to write a generic essay possible to satisfy the largest number of schools.  It would be a bad idea to do that.  You will hurt your chances of gaining admission to the better schools you apply to because they are not impressed by generic essays that lack real differentiation.  We have read over 4,000 submitted application essays and our “4 Degrees of Detail” framework is based on what successful essays contain.

This service includes one initial consultation call and two followup meetings, recording of all of our meetings, guidance on content, and a review of supplemental application materials before writing any essays.  Drafts will be reviewed three times with feedback provided, including a final critique to eliminiate any last minute issues.


Reference planning

Getting great references is vital to getting into the graduate school of your choice.  Imagine getting all of your application materials together and missing out on your dream school because your references were not great.  How would you feel?

Fortunately you can potentially strengthen your references by providing them with additional details and important insights about yourself that will prove valuable when your application is reviewed.  We provide a reference planning service that helps you make the most of this important part of your application.  It can make the difference between an ordinary application and an extraordinary one because admissions directors can easily spot reference letters that have been used for multiple schools and programs.  These letters often disappoint and fail to strengthen an applicant’s chances of admission.


Mock interviews

Mock interviews are an important part of the application process and an effective way to increase your chances of admission to schools that interview candidates.  You will be prepared for all different kinds of interviews: assessment interview, marketing interview, recruitment interview and relationship interviews.

Our practice interviews feel like real interviews and will cover your career goals, professional qualifications, and how the specific program will help you achieve your goals.  We will also discuss academic qualifications as this is often a topic of discussion in some admissions interviews.

Our clients receive:

  • Pre-interview strategy planning
  • Videotaped practice interview (45 minutes)
  • Video of our interview for your review and reference
  • Interview analysis guide
  • Practice interview analysis review session

Our practice interview analysis review session will ensure you don’t miss any important points in your actual interview.  It is an important session because it is your dress rehearsal for your real interview.


Transcript analysis

Together, we will review your transcript and identify important themes for you to accentuate and specific issues to mitigate.  Obviously your transcript is vital to the admissions decision, but we will prepare you for the scrutiny of an admissions officer and give you the confidence to respond well, no matter what your grades were like. Based on the school and program you are applying to, the school and major you completed already, and your grades in specific courses, we will develop specific positioning strategies the admissions office should hear during your application process.


“Ding Analysis”

Strong applicants are denied every year – were you one of them?  Get a complete and thorough review of your past application materials to learn where the application was not strong enough and what to do about it.  Our ding analysis brings you feedback from the perspective of the dean and chair of the admissions committee, not a graduate assistant with a part time job in the admissions office for a semester.  This service may be all you need to revise the application and resubmit successfully.  If you are the independent type and don’t feel one to one coaching is right for you but you haven’t been successful in the applications yet, this will get you started on a more positive path the second time around.

You will send your completed application materials: essays, CV / Resume, transcripts, test scores, and references if available and we will break down each document.  We will give you an assessment of the strategic fit of that document’s content with your overall goal plus give you a detailed report on how to correct it before you apply again.  Acceptance rates can be higher for re-applicants than first time applicants so be sure you optimize your application in time for the early deadlines.  This $450 service may save you hundreds of dollars or more when compared to the cost of comprehensive consulting or wasted application expenses.


A la carte service

If you have an undefined need that would benefit from a personal consultation, the a la carte service option is for you.  We will address any of your concerns and challenges in this session. The call will be recorded and provided to you for your future reference so you can focus more on the call than on taking notes. Any purchase of two hours or more will be credited toward a future purchase of our Charter Membership coaching plan.  There is a minimum of one hour purchase ($150).


Other admissions resources

In addition to our own services, there are many other resources available to you.  Even if you are looking for different help, we hope you find it.  Our Admissions Resources page will help guide you to other services and consultants you might want to consider.