Daniel Chatham

InsideTheAdcom provides resources and admissions coaching for graduate school applicants.  The site is filled with insights related to applying to grad school and creating strong applications (from the perspective of an admissions insider).  I have helped candidates apply to many different types of programs and universities  (a partial list is below). If you would like personal coaching for your applications, contact me.

I’ve been a professional school admissions officer since 2001 and am former Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences and Director of Admission and Recruitment for the University of California’s Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies.  Over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of candidates and applicants to masters and PhD programs in many fields.  I hope this site brings you valuable information that you may not have received through a typical application process and encourage you to comment or ask a question that you have been looking for an answer to.


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Some schools I have helped candidates apply to: